01. How and why did you start yoga?

In this short video I tell you more about how I started on my yoga journey initially to manage stress and life changes and then about the immense benefits it has given me. It is never to late to start on your journey. Join me today for better mental and physical health!

If you are unsure about anything please check with your yoga instructor or doctor.

02. What do I need to do yoga at home?

All you need is a willingness to want to change your life for the better, a yoga mat and a few props. I use yoga bricks and a belt to help the body reach deeper into position, but starting off just do what you can. We will be focusing on our breathing as well as poses to relax the body.

03. What are the benefits of yoga?

The physical benefits are increased flexibility, mobility and strength which will help us as we age. These also help prevent injury. Yoga reduces inflammation in the body reducing pain and helping to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Mentally, yoga reduces stress and anxiety and helps in the management of our mental health.

04. Is yoga good for anxiety?

After a number of months practising yoga I found that my anxiety symptoms were lessening – both the physical and mental symptoms. This is because the practice of yoga – and its constituent parts – has a profound effect on all the systems in the body but especially the nervous system.

05. Is there a right time of the day to do yoga?

You can practice yoga at any time of the day. Many people like to practice in the morning because it helps us to relax and focus more throughout the day helping to switch on our calming nervous system. Yoga at lunch-time or at night can be a great way to destress and chill out, as well as helping us sleep better!

06. Should I eat or drink before yoga?

If you are practising first thing in the morning it is best to do so on an empty stomach. At any other time of the day eat light 2-3 hours before practice. Make sure you are well hydrated and try not to drink during practice but drink lots after. Yoga is a healing therapy and we want to generate that heat in the muscles and body to help detoxification and if we drink during practice this slows down that process.

07. How often should I practice yoga?

There is also no limit to how many times per day or per week you can do yoga but twice weekly is recommended for faster results. Always check with your yoga instructor or doctor if you are unsure about anything!

08. Can older people do yoga?

Absolutely! Almost anyone of any age or ability can do some form of yoga. In fact, according to the International Yoga Federation (December 2020) approximately 300 million people practice yoga. 94% do yoga for wellness-related reasons and 59% believe that yoga helps them sleep better, 40% eat healthier because of yoga and 87% of elderly practitioners said that yoga helped them with back pain (The Telegraph).