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At we aim to make yoga, self-care, meditation and retreats accessible and easy for all. Our yoga classes are specifically tailored to suit all levels and abilities, including beginners, elite athletes, those with limited mobility and everyone in between. With sessions ranging from just five minutes up to one hour, you can choose the appropriate level and duration of class that suits you and replay and reuse any you find of particular benefit! The classes are structured to allow you to practice as often as you feel necessary and when you are ready you can move up a level or join a LIVE CLASS.
We focus on creating bespoke and tailored packages for individuals, employers, charities and those in the education sector, with new content being added regularly. Individuals can experience the many benefits of yoga, meditation, and the holistic therapies for an annual fee of £150/ €170 or £15.00/€17.00 per month. There are also weekly and daily passes and with content regularly refreshed and expanded, you will never get bored!




Join us today! And for a small annual fee you get unlimited access to all content. New content will be added regularly.

(Annual membership runs from the date you join for a full calendar year and is non-refundable).



For those on a budget the monthly pass may suit you better. You still get great unlimited content and can cancel any time!

(Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time during the month and will end the day before your next monthly payment is due).



On holidays or have a week off or maybe you just want to try out the content? This low-cost weekly option may suit you best!



Free day and want to treat yourself? Buy your daily pass and explore and enjoy lots of great content.

For companies, the self-care packages we offer can help your staff through improving their resilience, self-awareness, focus and concentration while also helping to manage stress.  

In the section on the benefits of yoga and meditation we explore the science behind yoga and meditation analysing their impact on the body and mind – especially on the nervous system. We also discuss why yoga and meditation are so good for managing stress and anxiety as well as a range of other mental and physical health conditions. Our particular experience puts us at the heart of understanding the stresses and strains in modern society and in the work environment which enables us to create optimum care packages for individuals or groups.

The classes section includes videos on stress management and knowing your triggers, as well as thought management exercises. It also provides excellent guidance on how to administer facial point and facial zone reflexology as well as Indian Head Massage and acupressure on yourself and others. This section also details the wide array of resources that can be downloaded as part of your subscription.

Finally, in our section on Upcoming Events below you’ll find information on our retreats in both County Fermanagh and County Donegal.

So, for now, all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

Many thanks and namaste!
Dr Anne Monaghan



Click here for more information on guided meditations.

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We hold a number of live yoga classes each week. Click on the link for details.

Retreats & Events

Find more information on retreats and special events in this section.



My sister and I have just completed a six-week online course with Anne and we will be signing up for another course today. Anne has the best yoga recipe. It’s a mix of excellent clear instruction with lots of humour thrown in. I would highly recommend coming on board! Also, you get a great nights sleep – a yogic sleep – and the benefits after each class last days!

Anne and Marie McKervey